NCUK’s Student Support Team Visits Study Centres in Bangkok, Taipei, and Hong Kong


The NCUK Student Support team recently visited NCUK Study Centres in Bangkok, Taipei, and Hong Kong, providing essential guidance to students and counsellors alike. The visit was marked by an engaging exchange of information and insights, aimed at empowering students to make informed decisions about their educational journeys abroad.

student support

Nainika Mehta, NCUK’s Student Support Executive, was delighted to be able to engage with Study Centre counsellors, NCUK students and their parents during the visit. The primary focus of these interactions was to showcase the wide range of opportunities available at NCUK University Partners. By providing comprehensive guidance on various aspects of university applications – ranging from research to visa and accommodation – Nainika equipped students with the necessary tools to navigate their journey towards studying abroad.

The engagement between the NCUK Student Support team and the Study Centre network serves as a testament to NCUK’s commitment to facilitating a smooth transition for students as they embark on their study abroad journeys. Through these interactions, students were not only empowered with practical guidance but also inspired to pursue their aspirations with confidence and clarity.

As NCUK’s Student Support team continues to engage with Study Centres around the globe, the impact of these interactions resonates far and wide, inspiring students to embrace their academic journey with assurance and optimism.