New NCUK Prize Awards Scheme


NCUK is delighted to announce its new student prize awards scheme for the 2022-23 academic year, providing students with more opportunities to achieve NCUK Prize Awards. As such, students from this new academic year (2022-23) will be eligible to win Academic Prize Awards and apply for NCUK Scholarships.

For over a decade, NCUK has presented awards to high-achieving students who have progressed to NCUK Universities with 100s of students benefitting from Prize Awards every year. Students who completed their NCUK qualifications in the 2021-22 academic year will be the final recipients of these Prize Awards, with future cohorts being able to access these exciting new awards.

Student image

Top-performing students worldwide will be eligible to receive Academic Prize Awards which are awarded based on academic merit. 100+ Academic Prize Awards are available (ranging from £100-£500), providing students with more opportunities to win an award based on their academic achievements than ever before!

NCUK Scholarships are brand-new awards and will require students to submit an application (opens from Monday 6 March – Friday 30 June 2023). Six awards are on offer across three categories (each award being worth £1,000) with students being able to showcase why they should be selected for an NCUK Scholarship based on the criteria for the category that they choose. Students who apply for one of these scholarships must have applied to at least one NCUK University and accept their place at an NCUK University should they receive an offer.

Students who complete an NCUK qualification are also eligible for a wide range of University Scholarships at NCUK University Partners, with a selection of exclusive scholarships for NCUK students ranging from £500-10,000!

We are excited to share this update across the NCUK Global Network and look forward to students utilising these new opportunities and working hard so that they can be the first recipients of these new awards.

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