Northern Consortium Charity Celebrates 30 Years of Advancing Education


NCUK is proud to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Northern Consortium charity on 23 March 2023.

Established in 1993, the charity’s core mission is the advancement of education. Since its inception, NC has funded a wide range of projects and research, supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds, promoting international education and facilitating access to educational opportunities.

NC 30 year logo

NC began life as a steering committee of universities from across the North of England in 1987, focused on exploring opportunities for international education. The group tested the overseas education market before going on to register as a charity in 1993. Ten years on, NC went on to establish its subsidiary, NCUK Ltd, to provide a vehicle to deliver operations overseas.


NCUK Ltd was created to deliver qualifications and other opportunities to assist students to progress to university. To date, NCUK Ltd has supported over 40,000 students to advance to university. As its wholly-owned subsidiary, NCUK Ltd provides an income stream to NC, enabling the charity to fund its grant-making work.

In 2021, NC’s Trustees revised the charity’s objectives and updated its articles to help it to operate effectively in today’s world. Despite those changes however, NC’s core charitable objective continues to be the advancement of education. In 2022, the Trustees developed a new grants strategy which expanded its criteria to allow funding for a wider pool of educational charities. This new strategy, which at the time of writing is just six months old, has already committed funding to some exciting projects being delivered in communities across the North of England.

NC’s new grants strategy focuses on the aims [detailed below] and we welcome applications from organisations that are delivering projects and work which aligns with our objectives and meets at least one of these aims.

  • Facilitating access to international education
  • Promoting the benefits of international education
  • Enabling educational engagement, particularly for students from disadvantaged groups

NC’s 30th anniversary marks a significant milestone in the charity’s history. Over the years, NC has supported thousands of students, promoting access to education and international opportunities as well as the benefits of international education. As NC looks towards the future, it remains committed to its core mission of advancing education by promoting the benefits of international education, and supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds to expand their horizons.

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