Professor Bee welcomes the new academic year


For those wondering what Professor Bee has been up to over the past few months, we are pleased to bring some exciting and positive updates.

Whilst NCUK students have been working hard to get a place at university, Professor Bee has ensured that this was also possible by supporting the wider NCUK team with the certificate printing this summer and by teaming up with Mr Beckwith, the loyal office dog.



Despite all the challenges faced recently and thanks to the joint efforts of NCUK, NCUK Delivery Partners and NCUK Universities, thousands of students worldwide have now achieved their dream of getting a place at university this year.

There are also lots of students joining NCUK Study Centres across the world who are now taking the first steps in their academic journeys. By successfully completing an NCUK qualification at their local Study Centre, they will be ready to get to university next September!

Professor Bee is extremely happy to hear that NCUK Student Ambassadors are back on campus and are ready to make the most of their international study experience.

Professor would also like to wish students starting their first year of university the best of luck; these are also exciting times and there is no doubt that NCUK students will feel at home at their chosen universities very soon.

There are now lots of places to discover, many friends to make and plenty of experiences to live, and from Professor Bee and the whole NCUK team, we wish students all the best as they succeed in their academic careers and beyond.

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