Shaping the Future of International Higher Education


Last week, NCUK’s Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Smith, and NCUK’s Head of Progression, Brad Johnson visited various organisations in London, including The Kenya High Commission, the Embassy of Algeria, the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) and Universities UK International.

These visits provided many opportunities to discuss the pathways sector and how NCUK can work more closely with these organisations moving forward. In particular, there were many conversations around how NCUK can support students by providing them with enhanced access to high-quality education pathways, as well as the opportunities to collaborate for the betterment of the education sector.

Kenya Embassy London

Special thanks to Mr. Willie Machocho Weru, Education Attaché at The Kenya High Commission in London; Mr Hamed Oussama Salhi First Secretary, Cultural & Parliamentary Affairs, Head of Student Department at the Embassy of Algeria, London; Nick Hillman, Director at Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI); Lucy Haire, Director of Partnerships at Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI); Charley Robinson, Head of Global Mobility Policy at Universities UK International and Andrew Howells, Assistant Director, External Affairs at Universities UK International for welcoming NCUK representatives and engaging in the discussions.

This was an excellent two-day visit to the capital. We were enthused by the joint passion from all meetings for the future of the international education sector. This was an excellent opportunity to share more information about NCUK’s work in the sector and our plans for our place in the pathways sector. We look forward to our next set of visits to further cement these relationships and move projects forward

Brad Johnson, NCUK Head of Progression

It is an exciting time for pathways and international education, and NCUK is proud to be a part of this journey. NCUK will continue to work together with organisations and embassies to ensure that pathways remain accessible and beneficial for as many international students as possible. If you’d like to work with NCUK to deliver world-ranked qualifications, click here.