Summer: as usual VS in Manchester

Posted: 15.08.2016
Author: Aleksandra Olenkova

This year I decided to make the most out of my VISA and to spend the summer in Manchester. However, it was impossible for me to spend the entire summer in the UK. I had the pleasant responsibility to go to the seaside with my family.

Frankly speaking, as I had to spend that much time by myself, I was almost dreading the trip with my family. My extraverted sister and mum can be overwhelming especially after I got used to having my own  room where I can lock myself and enjoy the productive and creative solitude.

Despite my fears, the vacation was great – not only because of the sea, warm weather and delicious food – but also because the distance made us all so much closer. That sounds very strange but being away from the people you love makes you value them more, value the time spend with them. I think that this is one of the gifts that studying abroad has given me. I talk with my peers and they often complain that they would like to stay at home by themselves more, that they love their family but they would love to spend some time in privacy. I used to say the same things as well. However, now I don’t take their presence for granted. Now the time I spend with my family is a precious gift and I much more patient even when I am being asked to do something all day long.

In mid-July I moved back to Manchester. It was my very first summer by myself. I have never stayed in Manchester without studies and I have to say that the feelings are very different when you are not constantly thinking of studies and what you have to do.  For the first time you start really noticing things around you: how good the weather is today, how delicious the ice cream is, how beautiful is the building that you have passed by a thousand times. This half of the summer I filled with self-education, travelling, relaxation and a little bit of work. Reading books, playing the guitar and learning foreign languages are things I truly love but it so difficult to find time for them during studies.

Both parts of my summer were absolutely amazing. I loved the holiday with sun, swimming and my family when I taught my little sister English and talked nights and days with my parents. But I think if you are studying in the UK –make the most of your VISA and try spending a summer here. You will see the country in an entirely different perspective.