Things To Look Forward To In Uni

Posted: 15.08.2016
Author: Josemaria Muendo

It is that time of year when incoming students are coming to the realisation that high school is over and a new journey awaits them in university. It tends to be particularly nerve-wracking to students who must then travel far from their homes and their cities and people they adore and are familiar with.

I was once in such a position. University life is a big step and everyone wants to make the right choice on where to study. Recently I have had a few conversations with a few friends who are prospective students and around this time of year the nerves kick in and its ok to feel anxious. The one thing I realised in retrospect is that there’s so much to look forward to in university life in the UK.

Firstly, the universities in the UK are ranked among the world’s best, this goes without saying, but the ranking doesn’t say all there is to know.

Here’s my top 3 things to look forward to:

1. People from all over the world

What makes uni life so great is the many people you encounter on this journey, people from all over the world. I have interacted with students from dozens of countries around the world and this has taught me to appreciate different cultures and views. I am always looking forward to the interesting conversations to be had and the smallest of things such as learning how to say hello in German to how to cook a specific Persian cuisine.  Additionally, the bonds one makes in uni may never break.

2. Societies

Most of the universities in the UK house hundreds of societies tasked with ensuring that the students do more than just study, and it is here where most of the fun begins. Whatever your interest; sports, art, photography, books, it is likely you will find a society to engage in. There are actually more activities than I can keep up with, hope you’re getting excited!

3. Sight-seeing

Another exciting thing, especially for international students, is the fact that you get to live in a completely new city, with its own unique sites and people and practices. At first it might be a bit scary, but with time you want to go out more and explore like never before. Whether it’s the streets of Manchester or the dock at Liverpool or the beach in Brighton, every city has something to offer. And inter-city travel is the easiest thing in the UK; it doesn’t matter if you didn’t end up at the same university as your friends. You can visit them easily just for the day! Also that way you get to see even more of this beautiful and diverse country.

Be brave!

Be brave!

I’ll conclude by saying this; be brave and look forward to a new chapter in your life, and being afraid is normal, because it is only when we are afraid that we need to be brave.
Enjoy the rest of the summer, looking forward to another great year at uni!