Why study a pathway qualification in the UK?


There are many benefits to studying a pathway qualification in the UK. From becoming familiar with the culture, to being able to visit your future university campus, here are some of the top benefits NCUK Student Ambassadors found when completing an NCUK qualification in the UK.


Gain an extra year living abroad. Although it might sound obvious, one of the main reasons why students decide to study an NCUK qualification abroad is because they can add an extra year to their international study experience.

That way, they become familiar with the culture and they feel much more confident when they start university.

Create your support network. NCUK Student Ambassador Piper found that studying NCUK’s International Year One at INTO Manchester not only prepared her to succeed at university, but it also allowed her to meet lots of new friends who were on the same academic journey.


Visit different universities. Student Ambassador Sybel completed NCUK’s International Foundation Year in the UK before progressing to the University of Birmingham and said that one of the main reasons why he chose the UK for his foundation was because it gave him the opportunity to visit universities in person. Sybel had an academic year full of trips to see cities and university campuses in Manchester, London, Birmingham and many other popular NCUK University destinations.

Study in a safe environment. Our Study Centres will be the stepping stone between your secondary education and starting a university degree, ensuring that you are fully prepared to succeed once you get there.

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