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If you are an institution seeking to provide your students with globally recognised qualifications and a pathway to leading universities worldwide, look no further than partnering with NCUK.

Steps to Become an Accredited Study Centre

The following details the process to become an accredited NCUK Study Centre, encompassing five essential stages.

  1. Expression of Interest: The first step is to express interest by completing the form on this page. A member of the Business Development team will contact you to provide further information and discuss your delivery options.
  2. Suitability Assessment: During the suitability assessment, your institution will be required to submit a business proposal to NCUK who will review your institution’s academic and financial standing, institutional mission, qualifications to be offered and location to ensure that it meets NCUK’s standards. This step ensures that your institution has the necessary resources, faculty, and academic quality to effectively deliver NCUK qualifications.
  3. Agreement to NCUK Terms and Conditions: If your institution meets NCUK’s standards, it will enter into an agreement with NCUK whereby the institution agrees to deliver NCUK qualifications in compliance with the organisation’s entry requirements, academic frameworks, and syllabuses.
  4. Accreditation Process: As part of the accreditation process, NCUK staff members will visit the institution to assess its facilities, academic faculty and support services. The review also includes interview sessions, workshops and sampling of the institution’s academic credentials and systems.
  5. Study Centre Approval: If the institution meets NCUK’s standards and is found suitable for the programme, the institution will receive official approval to become an NCUK Delivery Partner. The partnership is confirmed, and the institution can begin delivering NCUK qualifications.

Enquire today about becoming an NCUK Study Centre and join our global network of institutions around the world, delivering high-quality programmes and transforming lives.

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