NCUK Pre-Masters Programme Entry Requirements

Age Requirements 

Applicants must normally be 21 years at the start of the Pre-Master’s Programme (PMP). 

Minimum Academic Requirements 

Owing to the variation in standard for degrees and diplomas in different countries, all PMP applications should be submitted to NCUK for approval prior to enrolment (please email student details with certificates and transcripts to for a decision).

Students should normally have completed a qualification equivalent to a UK Bachelors degree at a recognised university, in a subject relevant to their intended progression route. Students must complete a full Bachelors degree (note that the normal length of study for a Bachelors degree differs between countries). 3 year Diploma holders from some countries e.g. China may be accepted to PMP Route A (note that such students may have limited progression).

Progression from the PMP to higher-ranked NCUK universities is largely dependent on the subject and awarding university of the student’s Bachelor’s degree. 

Students in the final year of a recognised Bachelors degree course may undertake PMP Route A, B or C in parallel with their university studies.

*Please note that the PMP is not suitable for students who have a Bachelors degree awarded by a UK university or studied fully in English.* 

Work Experience

For both Route A and B entry, relevant work experience is highly desirable. Progression opportunities may be limited without appropriate work experience.


English Language Requirements

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