Academic Resilience

Author: Angela

It’s that time of the year! Summer is around the corner and we all can’t wait to bask in the sun and sit on the grass sipping on slushies without a care in the world! But first, we have to jump the final hurdle.

We have to submit our final assignments and write our final exams. The question is how do I stay motivated? How can we stay motivated? Lets face it, managing the daily hassles of life, studying full-time and maintaining a healthy lifestyle sounds easy, but is especially difficult. In September, I set up to do lists, attend all my classes and avoid procrastination at all costs.

By the time January rolls around, I find that I have no more ‘juice‘ to attend my classes, I can barely concentrate on my assignments long enough to complete them and I constantly feel overwhelmed. If you know what I’m talking about, then this article is for you!

This year, I wanted to do things different! To demand the absolute best from myself – without any excuses! I started by setting small goals for everyday of the week. The key to this is knowing yourself and knowing how much you could truly complete within a set amount of time. Be completely realistic with your goals and make sure they are manageable! Set a treat for the end of the day if the tasks are complete! It could be a snack, joining a social gathering, watching a movie or even buying yourself something! The sweeter the treat, the higher the drive!

Secondly, removing all possible distractions from my workspace (mostly my phone) saved me loads of time while completing tasks! See stopping every 2 seconds to text back could be the reason you never complete any of the day’s goals.

Lastly, leaning on friends, family and other students on my course for support has been very beneficial. You never know who could have some very needed coping advice! And either way, letting out your frustration by talking to a loved one can leave You feeling light as a feather. Be sure to contact your university’s support services if you’re feeling way too overwhelmed or could just do with extra support!

I wish you all the best in your upcoming exams!


If you would like chat to any NCUK students and find some support follow the link.