Choosing to study at the University of Birmingham

Author: Uzoma

Going off to university is a very crucial part of a students life as it signals the opening of a very important chapter. As such, it is necessary to ensure that the best choice of university is made as that determines how fulfilling university life is in the long run.

As an international student, I really needed an environment where I could feel like I was at home. The city of Birmingham was the best choice for me as it is a very lively and bubbly city with a wide variety of stores, restaurants and much more to choose from. The Birmingham City Center is really close to the University of Birmingham. This makes it easy to gain access to a wide variety of services the city has to offer. Also, I wanted a university which exposes me to different cultures and experiences. The University of Birmingham is a diverse institution. This is a great opportunity to learn about various cultures across the world. There are many clubs and societies that the University’s student union, the Guild of Students has to offer. So that ensures that you easily pursue extracurricular activities alongside your studies at the university.

Furthermore, the university’s rating was something I considered as I wanted somewhere which was known for their pursuit for excellence. The university of Birmingham is one of the best university’s in the United Kingdom. It was rated Gold by the Teaching Excellence Framework. This means that the university delivers excellent teaching with world class research and facilities. The university also constantly embarks on projects which will support the staff and student body both academically and non- academically.

I also wanted a university that encouraged prospective international students by granting scholarships in order to reward academic excellence. I was granted a scholarship to study at the university of Birmingham. This greatly encouraged me to excel upon beginning my studies at the prestigious university.

The well-being support at university was something I considered as well. University life can be very daunting and sometimes it may be difficult to tackle academic work as well as other commitments squarely. The University of Birmingham has structures in place to ensure that her students find answers to whatever may be bothering them. The Careers Network is there to ensure that students receive the guidance they need when trying to construct their CV’s or secure training contracts and internships at the best organisations or firms. The CEPLER community at the Birmingham Law School provides various services for law students to gain professional experience in the profession before they graduate. There is also a well-being support team which students can reach out to if they have any emotional or psychological worries they may be facing.

University life can be really daunting at times. That is why you need to ensure that the university you eventually go to has your best interest at heart. That is exactly why I chose the University of Birmingham as my university.