Dealing with Pre-Result Stress

Author: Idaresit

Awaiting your results could be so nerve-wracking, when it’s a result that could affect an important aspect of your future, it might even feel worst. In this article, I will give a few tips on how to stay calm while waiting for your NCUK results.

  • Always remember worrying doesn’t give you control; Constantly remind yourself that worrying cannot change your future, but rather it negatively impacts your present.
  • Go out with friends; The more time you spend alone gives more chances for ruminating about your performance. It will be best to spend most of your time hanging out with your friends and having a good time.
  • Talk to close relatives; If you feel too stressed about your results, it will be a good idea to speak to family members or friends about it. This act will give you a sense of relief and reduce the uneasiness you might be feeling.
  • Find a hobby; To ensure your mental health is at its best it will be beneficial to find an activity you enjoy. It could be playing a sport or something as simple as colouring.

I wish you the best concerning your results! Also, I hope the waiting time for your results is made more peaceful with the tips provided above.

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