Freshers’ week

Author: Angela

Freshers’ week, your official initiation into uni and if I may add – What a time to be alive!! The range of activities and events happening at uni, the week-long fun-filled and themed events happening at night clubs and FREEBIES!

Freshers’ is the perfect opportunity for you to find out about clubs and societies at your uni, sports teams, careers and employment and collect an overwhelming amount of freebies. And for those of us who like to dress up, dance, enjoy the occasional drink, and party with friends, the night clubs prepare a week-long line-up of special themed events! It’s an excellent way of welcoming both freshers and returning students to uni right before we all settle down for our classes.

If you made it to freshers week this year, I hope you had a memorable week. If not, I hope you get to experience it for yourself next year xx


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