How to: Preparing for studying at university!

Author: Angela

The beginning of a semester can be a little stressful especially when it’s your first time in Uni – I would know. Here’s a list of tips that I use every semester to get organised and ready! Hope they can be of use to you too!

  1. Get to know your timetable!
    Finding out your timetable at least a week beforehand can be very useful. Print it out and place it at a visible place or save a picture on your phone – this will help you know the wheres the whensand the whats! While I appreciate that you may not know your way around university yet – knowing the room number and the building makes it easier to find your way or even ask for help finding your way around!
  2. Have a look through the syllabus!
    I know, I know! Classes haven’t started yet so what’s the point ? Looking through the syllabus has helped me consider the content and weight of each of my classes and figure out which classes will need more time and study effort. I’ve also found that difficult classes don’t throw me off too much as I’m more psychologically prepared!
  3. Keep a planner/ to-do list!
    After going through your syllabus, you’ve probably noted the due dates for some assignments or even some exam dates! Jot these down on a planner! The first couple of weeks at university are laid back and filled with so many activities that it’s so easy to lose track of time and before you know it everything is due! Keeping a planner will help you stay on top of things and get them done on time!
  4. Self care!!!
    The most important aspect of preparing for studies at university is making sure you are sufficiently taking care of yourself both mentally and physically! Keep in touch with your support system, eat healthy and stay hydrated! Remember, starting and implementing healthy routine translates into productive habits that produce better results in many aspects of your life! I hope you all have a good first semester xx

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