Overall experience at NCUK and selecting your course

Author: Mir Waleed

I strongly feel that the choices we make in our lives makes us who we really are. My journey at NCUK started with the International Foundation Year. Before attending my first class, I wasn’t sure about the qualification. Nevertheless, I knew that studying with NCUK would lead me to UK universities. With the passage of time I came to know how NCUK works. My first year was a bit challenging as I was new to this platform and I came across some difficulties initially but later I handled those troubles regarding studies. Within few days after starting I felt like I was in a new atmosphere. New friends, professional and friendly teachers and most importantly, the friendly environment. Though the campus was small, it was the best place for studying the IFY.

After completion of the International Foundation Year I decided to progress to the International Year One where I studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering. What I believe about Electrical & Electronic Engineering is that it is a fascinating field, and one, which could make your time at university a challenging, enriching and rewarding experience. With the rapid expansion of technology for those who can create, understand and alter electrical control systems has risen accordingly and this innovation develops my interest towards this field. I have been studying science from childhood and studying physics and mathematics in intermediate level built my interest towards electrical and electronics engineering. This course suits me in a sense that I have learnt the skills for solving the mathematical as well as analytical problem that makes me able to choose this field. The sensational field of electrical engineering needs you to know difficult designs and shape them from scratch.

You will need to be an expert at problem solving and have solid analytical skills. The skill to look at the bigger picture, an interest in design, the capability to spot mistakes in even the littlest details are equally vital. My previous studies relate to this course because due to my immense interest towards electrical and electronics engineering I have always selected the courses or subjects that relate to this field. Mathematics and Physics have been the core modules in my previous studies. I tried to open a scientific calculator with a screwdriver and look at the structure inside, I had no idea about how the whole system worked of course but I was fascinated by how the graphite-like substance on the little piece of transparent plastic did the difficult calculations in an instant.

The working of turbines and generators built my interest towards this field and I attended many science fairs and talked to many electrical engineers about this area. My visit to the power station was an illuminating experience as it permitted me to see where a career in electrical engineering would take me. I was able to observe professional engineers at work, from technical to managerial positions, and it was motivating to see how each of their roles donated to the overall preservation and process of the facility. This motivated me to choose a field or course that would challenge me, enhance my abilities and skills in the field of technology.

My distinction among team members in football and cricket proves my active participation in sportsmanship and as team player. As a debtor in school, I am very confident and clear of my objectives to choose a career with a touch of art but has visible impact of scientific calculus. I have enjoyed my days in school and now in NCUK to be eligible for Electrical engineering with an eye to have a placement year to enrich my academic experience in UK. My ambition to succeed and socializing in community groups endorses my interpersonal and problem-solving skills, essential to become an Engineer. Surely, the UK universities have immense educational experience to offer which will be exciting to experience. I am confident as ever to be accepted in professional engineering course and eagerly wait to experience university life in a diverse environment offered in UK.

The reason to choose UK is that the universities are ranked among the best in the world. I will get the opportunity to be taught by the world’s leading academics and experts; you also benefit from their constant academic support. An ideal place to develop language skills and enhance employment prospects. The learning experience that I will receive while study in England is one that will provide me with the skills I need. I’ll be encouraged to read, think independently, question and analyse what to read and learn. By becoming an electrical engineer, I would have a more active role in defining the technological society. By studying the degree level, I hope to expand upon the knowledge I’ve learnt over the past few years.

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