Parent testimonial: The NCUK Experience

Author: Mrs Bathabile Manuel

Our son has always had a dream of studying at a university in the UK, so when the NCUK established a study center in South Africa we jumped at the opportunity to sign up for the International Foundation Year Qualification.

We chose the NCUK because it was the best route available for our son to realise his dream of getting access to a UK university. Needless to say, our experience with the NCUK has been remarkable and rewarding.

parent testimonial

From the moment we began the journey with NCUK we got clear communication of the criteria for success and it was quite simple, our son had to ensure he brought the grades and his entry into a university of his choice was guaranteed. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, it is true.

We are delighted to share that the NCUK exceeded our expectations. The progamme is so well structured and the quality is exceptional.

We were pleased with all the aspects of the programme. The teaching is exceptional, robust and teachers are invested in the student success, pushing them to bring out their best. They were always available to provide additional support to the students when needed.

We were also very happy with the level of engagement of the NCUK team as they connected with the students regularly to communicate all important information, check on the students’ wellbeing and ensure that students are on track to meet all important deadlines in each milestone.

The value of the NCUK really came alive for us during the university application process and the team were brilliant in guiding and supporting the students with their application process, navigating the UCAS system, helping the students narrow down their choice of degrees and universities in alignment to the students’ aspirations.

True to their word our son has now been accepted into his first-choice university and is ecstatic to begin the adventure of his life in his chosen university. We believe that this qualification has equipped our son well enough with the skills that he will need to thrive in a UK university.

Choosing the NCUK was the greatest decision our son made for his future and we would recommend it to any student who has aspirations of studying internationally. We will forever be grateful to the NCUK for their significant contribution to making our son’s dream come true.


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