Study hard but smart

Author: Yu

Everyone has their own ways to study. It includes the place, the time, the frequency and so on. Unlike the study pace we used to adapt in our high school that was mostly oriented by our teachers, the UK higher education institution requires and expects students to study in a highly independent manner. Universities here, in the UK, provide various types of opportunities and threads of studying. Everyone is possible to arrange those resource universities provide to us to meet their academic needs. The following paragraphs will be advising you to personalise a way to study efficiently.

To begin with, there are so many types of distraction that avoid you concentrating on our academic life. Luckily, I am the type of person who can study anywhere and anytime. However, many people find it is more productive to work in the library than in their room. This is totally acceptable because I also love studying in the library not only because of the large screen of the PC cluster but also people work around you put pressure on you somehow can motivate you to study harder. Also, in such an atmosphere that the whole room of people are concentrating you are likely to be more concentrated, as well. Therefore, if you feel it is hard to find a good place to concentrate, always stick in the library.

Secondly, your time management matters. Apparently, you can not study all the time. We human beings need to socialise, enjoy life and youth at the same time. Many people always spend the whole day in the library. However, even though they may not with their phone all the time, their brains tend to work slower and slower. Thus, their efficiency tends to be lower and finally they will be exhausted and demotivated. Therefore, rather than spending a whole weekend in the library and learn slowly, you would prefer to separate your time into small pieces and mix your social life or exercising with revision.

In addition to this mixture of time, you also need to allocate your time smartly. Your degree will be classified by your average grade of all your modules. You might intend to spend more time on a few modules that you are really interested in. Although through your effort and time you are likely to get good grades in these modules, the modules you are less enthusiastic tend to drag your overall grade down. Meanwhile, these modules sometimes require even more time to focus on because of high difficulty. So, think about it, if you are good at some modules and spend a great deal of time on it, you do have the chance to improve your grade from 70 to 80, which is decent. However, if there are some modules you can only get 40-ish, you would better to spend more time on them because you have the good potentiality to increase your overall grade significantly and easily.

Lastly, always remember enjoy youth, don’t put too much pressure on yourself!


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