Life in the steel city

Author: Onyeka

The city of Sheffield! Ah, I remember the day I arrived in this city like it was yesterday. While on the train ride from London (which was quite long!) I was extremely anxious, I kept asking myself different questions; what does the city look like? Would I like the food? What is the weather like? Are the locals friendly? Eventually, I tired myself out and fell asleep, as I woke to stretch on my seat, I realised the train had arrived, finally! My questions would be answered.

As I got off the train, I was immediately surprised at how easy it was to find where I needed to go, there were taxis, signs, maps, everything. I immediately began to feel comfortable and confident. As I began to get to grips with my academic life I also began to understand how wonderful staying at Sheffield is.

I visited Meadowhall, which is basically a shopping mall where you can find everything! Vue, which is a cinema and entertainment centre, the numerous parks where you can simply be at peace with nature and so many other places. Apart from the tourist attractions and convenience of the city, the locals are some of the most wonderful people I have ever met, they seem to always know when someone looks lost and are more than happy to help, and the weather is extremely better than I anticipated considering how far north Sheffield is.

The nightlife is also extremely lively since it is I believe a student city (I cannot count the number of memorable nights I have had with my friends at our favourite club), coupled with numerous student discounts so as you get more bang for your buck!