Studying for exams

Author: Sophie

The exam period is usually a daunting time for students and studying for exams can be an uphill task especially if you have no plan on how to go about it.

Personally, I like to make a little ‘timetable’ that guides me on what module to study and at what time just to ensure that I’m maximising on my study time. I also make a list of all the areas that I wish to study for especially those that I may need to pay special attention to. Studying with a friend also helps to make the whole studying process easier as we are able to help each other and at least have some fun while at it.

Finally, I also like to ensure that I start my revision early enough just to avoid being caught up in the last minute studying which I’ve come to learn over time that it doesn’t always lead to the desired results. Bottom line is, start revision early, have a plan and have fun while at it and maybe it won’t be as bad as you’d expect it to be.


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