The Unforgettable Moments of Your New Life

Author: Edward

The time you have all been waiting for. The wait is finally over and the long anticipated new chapter in your life is here: University!

As we all know, we have been talking about Freshers’ Week and you have been talking to the few flatmates you may have somehow already added in a Facebook group and you are all excited to meet them and go out and explore a new city. No amount of words can really depict how amazing this week usually is. However, you realise that going out every single night sounds like an ideal fantasy but we all know that your bank account will be laughing at you pretty soon and that cheese that you used to eat often at home seems like a very luxurious item and so, you start skipping your meals as all you have in the fridge is milk and cereal plus some random vegetable you bought in the hopes of cleansing your system.

All in all, the nights out are amazing, even though you barely remember some of them, but that is memory loss for you. After waking up at noon, you finally realise that the university is offering so many fairs and, in these fairs, there is always free food, so you can easily have three meals without spending a dime. I have done that before, so I have no shame when it comes to speaking about it. Beyond the free food, you end up signing up for a few clubs and societies some of which you well know that you won’t attend but since that pretty boy or girl is in the committee, you decide to sign up just to be able to talk to them.

Sadly, all good things come to an end, and on that dreaded Sunday evening, it hits you that waking up for a 9am lecture will become your norm, but it will be worth it and the friends plus memories made during Freshers’ Week will never fade.


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