Tips for surviving fresher’s week and beyond

Author: Idaresit

Going to a new school can always seem daunting and when it’s a different country it can seem even scarier. Well I have some tips that will allow you to have a better and less daunting experience.

Tip 1:
Make friends. It may seem hard but keep it in mind that everyone is in the same boat as you; scared, anxious and trying to blend in. A simple question like ‘what are you studying?’ could help you find a lifelong friend.

Tip 2:
Go to events. There are plenty of events held during fresher’s week to help you feel more comfortable in your new environment. Going to events could increase your chances of meeting new people and it will help you to easily settle in.

Tip 3:
Eat well and stay hydrated. Moving from one place to another to sort out your registration, get your books and do all other things can be quite stressful so make sure you eat well and drink lots of water to keep your energy up.

Tip 4:
Take a look around around the school. It’ll be so beneficial to navigate around the school during fresher’s week, so you won’t have problems finding your classes when lectures start, trust me I’ve been there so I understand it can be a complicated process if you aren’t prepared!

I hope these tips will be useful and helpful to you when you start your university degree!

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