To be or not to be?

Author: Angela

For most of us, our final year of high school, college and university is a year of making big and important decisions. This is because the next step shapes the direction of our career aspirations whether it’s only building a foundation (when deciding what course to take in uni) or growing expertise in a particular field (when deciding what next after your degree). Either way, these decisions often have us under a lot of pressure.

Some people are perhaps luckier than others as they are aware of their passion very early in life and therefore focus all their efforts on making it a reality! Others, like me, might still be on the quest of uncovering our life‘s purpose and channelling that into a career. If there’s anything that I’ve learnt this past three years at university, is that we are multi-dimensional beings! Or like Shrek said we are onions, with multiple layers! Going into university, I had a very elaborate plan of what my future would look like.

However, as I evolved as a person and my likes and interests expanded, I was very reluctant to let go of my original plan because it meant having to make a new plan and that terrified me! After seeking advice from multiple trusted sources, I realised that in holding on to my original plan, I had confined myself to only one of my layers. I was limiting myself. I’m not telling you to let go of your aspirations, but to allow yourself to explore every single one of your layers. In doing this, I uncovered my life’s purpose and I am currently working on building this into a career.

My final advice is to let go of the notion that you are running out of time. Because your life belongs to only you, your timeline is yours to create! And when you finally decide on a path, pursue it with all your heart because is it real worth doing if you don’t give it 100%? Good luck!


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