To be Social or Not To Be

Author: Edward

University and social life, it is one of the things that most people dread as they are anxious about where and how they will fit in but unlike high school, most people do not actually care about how popular you. Most people are expected to be mature enough to understand that popularity takes you nowhere in this new playing field, which is university. Nevertheless, you will still get the few odd balls, for lack of a better word, who still cling onto their high school behaviour in hopes of remaining relevant.

For those seeking a so-called fresh start and looking to ‘find’ themselves, this is when people reinvent themselves. With that, figuring where you fit in is quite easy especially if you are open to speaking to a variety of people. In my personal experience, I found it quite easy to make friends mainly because people are so friendly that it is shocking. The best and easiest way to improve your social life is all down to joining clubs and societies; joining as many as you can, even if you will only turn up to less than a handful of meetings, is the optimal way of building a good social life.

If you love sports, then you are pretty much guaranteed a pretty insane time as the sports socials are very eventful and there is pretty much something happening every week. You will most likely find yourself taking part in socials more than the actual sport but oh well, it is never that serious unless your aim is to become a professional.

On the other hand, if sports and the like do not tickle your fancy, you can easily find all sorts of club and societies that can help you build that social life that you desire and trust me, anything you can think of, there is probably a club or society for them. In a nutshell, developing a good social life is something that should not bother you at all, as in university people are quite open and welcoming and there is no need to be anxious about it all. Believe me, you will be in for a good time if you lack tunnel vision and love new experiences.

Before I even forget, volunteering and any community related work is also an amazing way to give back to the community as well as meet new people outside of university and further increase your friendship circle which all goes back to developing a good social life. With that, you should easily have a decent social life throughout university life.


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