What to bring with you to survive your first days in the UK!

Author: Sebastian

By studying and moving to the UK, it may be the first time that many of you will be living independently. You may be wondering what to bring with you to your city of study for your first days here. As an international student who experienced the same when moving to Manchester, this is my advice:

1)Make sure you have cash in Sterling Pounds (£). You can also go to your nearest shopping centre within your city of study (such as the Arndale in Manchester) to exchange your currency. There are a few stores around where you can exchange money such as Eurochange, Thomas Cook etc.

2)Bring some snacks so that when you arrive from the airport to your new accommodation, you don’t have to worry about going and getting food straightaway!

3)Do not forget essential items like a towel, soap, shampoo and toilet paper (they always help)!

4)Bring/purchase items that will help you with your studies like pens, pencils and other stationary.

5)Make sure to get plug adapters, they can be found in most convenience stores around the city centre (they are very cheap).

Top tip – Remember that a computer is going to be very important when studying in the UK as it will help you to complete your assignments and study for your exams so do not forget to bring one with you! Although if you want to buy one in the UK then can use student discount by showing your student ID. You can also get a discount for your phone or tablet!

Sebs =)

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