Manchester: Why it’s a Great Place To Study Abroad


Could Manchester be the Perfect Choice For You to Study in the UK?

Manchester is a lively and vibrant city with one of the largest student populations in Europe. But what’s it really like to live and study there? We talked to former NCUK student Angela, and she gave us a clearer picture of her experiences – and why it’s such a good choice for students. 

Why Study Abroad in Manchester? 

Wanderlust is a yearning for exploration. Like many of us I’ve always had it – a longing to see and essentially taste the rest of the world – and university gave me my first long-term opportunity to live and study in a different part of the world.

I chose Manchester and every day for the past two and a half years, I’ve fallen in love with the city over and over again! Firstly, the best thing you can be in this city is a student! Your magic card (your student ID) gets you discounts in many stores, restaurants, bars and even online retail shops (if you remember to use it). What could be better than fully experiencing a new city while saving money? As I’ve come to learn, there’s definitely something for everyone here!

Manchester China Town

A Huge Range of Things Going On

When I first moved to Manchester, I discovered the overwhelming range of cocktail bars and subsequently my love for cocktails. Now I live by the motto ‘there’s always a cocktail you’ve never tasted!’ and I’m constantly on the lookout for new places to visit. However, I understand drinking isn’t everyone’s idea of fun and that’s why I’d encourage you to make full use of Facebook. There’s always an event that can spark your interest whether that’s music, art, poetry, history, environmental sustainability or even yoga! Better still, most of them are free! Just keep an eye out for them on Facebook.

So Much to Discover

Another great way to discover Manchester is taking a walk around and finding out for yourself what really tickles your fancy. Whether it’s the Northern Quarter ( I call it ‘hippie central’!), student-filled Oxford Road, glamorous Spinningfields or even beautiful Media City and all its scenic glory, there’s always a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, arcade, bowling alley, mini-golf, ballrooms and many other places waiting to be explored by you around every corner. Who knows what you’ll find? Quite possibly something you’ll soon regard as ‘my favourite thing to do in this city’!

Trafford Centre Manchester

Manchester Has a Bit of Everything!

You’ll also find there’s an unmissable range of art, history and science museums all around the city so if you’re feeling a bit like a tourist, you can always check them out! And although our tastes and preferences may be ever-evolving and ever-changing, the beauty of Manchester is there’s so much to do, you can always find something new – there’s certainly never a dull moment!

Studying in Manchester 

If studying in this UK city appeals to you, as an NCUK student you could progress to either The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University or Salford University. To discover more about the courses available at these highly respected universities, take a look at our course guide