Study in the UK: Student Unions and Societies


One of the Biggest Benefits of Studying in a UK University

UK universities are renowned for their very active student unions and societies, which form a big part of student life. For international students, they can be an invaluable platform for meeting and getting to know the local student community and finding people with similar interests.

Student Unions    

Run by students, the Student Union is a vibrant organization that promotes the interests of students in their chosen university. The Unions also offer a wide range of services and activities (events, trips, clubs, societies and so on) that can help you easily become part of their new home away from home.

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Student Societies

Every UK university will have a range of societies available, offering a huge variety of activities. Some of the most popular include sports clubs, music societies, debating clubs and volunteering organisations, all of which are great platforms for international students to meet and bond with like-minded people while immersing yourself in local culture. Sports clubs provide access to sports-related activities and facilities while music societies cover various music genres such as rock, jazz or classical; debating clubs give you an opportunity to discuss current affairs and share ideas with other students, and volunteer organisations can help international you discover more about the UK while honing different skills.


International Student Societies 

Designed to provide a sense of home away from home, these are very popular with people studying abroad in the UK. They’re tailored to the needs of international students, holding language conversations and cultural events for example to help you make new friends quickly. They also provide support for anyone who feels homesick or isolated, offering advice and guidance on how to adjust to the culture and lifestyle in the UK and opportunities for students to network with like-minded people who are in similar situations. By joining an international student society, you’ll have access to a variety of hard-to-find resources such as mentorships and internships too.

Studying at a UK university 

Student unions and societies are an excellent way for international students to adapt quickly to studying at a new university in the UK, providing many experiences that can benefit you both academically and socially and helping you make friends from all over the world while enjoying the best of British culture. 

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