Receiving your results

What happens next?

There are many possible outcomes and options for NCUK students when they receive their results. Have a look below to check what to expect after receiving yours!

Got the results I wanted

If you have met the requirements of your first or second choice university, your Conditional Offer will become Unconditional, which means that you have got yourself a place at university!

At this stage, you do not need to do anything. Please wait for your university to contact you and inform you of the next steps. It is important that you monitor your emails to not miss any important information from your university.

You will be issued the relevant documents by the university to begin the visa application process, for example, this may be a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) for universities in the UK, or a Form I-20 for universities in the USA; the name of this document will differ depending on the university destination.

There may be some things you need to finalise including paying deposits, accepting offers via application portals or confirming personal details. It is important to check your offer letters for detailed information or contact the Student Support Team if you are unsure.

Didn’t achieve my expected results

If you have not met the requirements of both your first choice and second choice university, there are several fantastic alternative options available for you.

If you are not accepted by your chosen universities, the NCUK University Application Service is an included service provided by NCUK to help you find alternative university offers. You do not need to do anything to use the University Application Service, NCUK will automatically check your eligibility and communicate directly with our universities on your behalf.

You will receive an alternative university offer based on your chosen degree course within 24 hours!

Alternatively, you may wish to study the International Year One qualification at one of our worldwide study centres, which will allow you to complete the first year of a bachelor’s degree locally or at one of our Study Centres in the UK and Ireland. On successful completion of the International Year One, you will then progress directly to the second year of a bachelor’s degree at an NCUK University in the UK, Australia or New Zealand.

You can read more about studying the International Year One in the UK here. If you would like to progress to the International Year One and find out about all the options available, please contact us for more information. 

I’ve changed my mind about my destination/course

If you have changed your mind about your chosen university course or location, the NCUK University Application Service can help you find alternative options. This is a free service provided by NCUK, simply contact us to inform us of the change and we will find you a suitable alternative.

If you have been accepted by your chosen university but have changed your mind about taking up your place, you can defer your place for one year, or to the next available intake. To defer your place, please contact us.

Contact us

If you have any questions about your university progression, please contact our Student Support team by clicking on the button below.