Receiving your results

What happens next?

There are many possible outcomes and options for NCUK students when they receive their results. Have a look below to check what to expect after receiving yours!

Got the results I wanted

Here’s what happens now:

  • Your Conditional Offer turns Unconditional, securing your spot at the university.
  • Sit tight and wait for the university or NCUK to contact you with the next steps.
  • Keep an eye on your emails – don’t miss any crucial information from your university!

What to expect:

  • The university will send you documents to start your visa application process. (e.g., CAS for UK universities or Form I-20 for US universities)
  • Make sure to finalise any pending tasks like paying deposits, accepting offers, or confirming personal details.


  • Check your offer letters for detailed information or reach out to the Student Support Team or your Counsellor if you’re unsure.
  • Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey! Embrace new cultures, make lifelong friends, and experience the excitement of studying abroad!

Didn’t achieve my expected results

Didn’t meet the requirements for your top university choices? Don’t worry! There are still amazing alternative options to kickstart your study abroad journey!

With NCUK, you’ve got options:

  • NCUK University Application Service – a free service that finds alternative university offers for you!
    • You don’t need to stress; NCUK will check your eligibility and connect with universities on your behalf.
    • Expect an alternative offer for your chosen degree course within 24 hours!
  • International Year One – complete the first year of your bachelor’s degree at a worldwide study centre or in the UK and Ireland.
    • After successfully completing International Year One, progress to the second year of your bachelor’s degree at an NCUK University in the UK, Australia, or New Zealand.

Want to learn more about International Year One? Find out more here.

I’ve changed my mind

Changed your mind about your university course or destination? No worries! NCUK is here to help.

Here’s how we can help:

  • NCUK University Application Service – Find alternative options for free!
    • Just let us know about the change, and we’ll find a suitable alternative for you.
  • Deferring your place – Accepted but want to delay your start?
    • You can defer your place for one year or to the next available intake.
    • To defer your place, simply contact us!

Embrace the excitement of studying abroad and explore new opportunities with NCUK! Your dream adventure is just around the corner!

Contact us

If you have any questions about your university progression, please contact our Student Support team by clicking on the button below.