Why study Mathematics?

If you have a passion for Mathematics and have a strong grasp at the subject then choosing this as your degree subject may be your best option.

A degree in Mathematics will enable you to develop your current learnings and gain wider knowledge of Mathematics, especially as you delve deeper into your degree. Mathematics also integrates easily into other subjects meaning that you could choose a specific degree that also offers a multitude of other opportunities for you.

Whichever Mathematics degree course you decide will no doubt be of great benefit to you upon graduation due to the vast, diverse selection of career pathways available.

What degree courses can you study at university?

There are a variety of Mathematics courses that you could study at university including:


  • Accounting and Mathematics
  • Actuarial Mathematics
  • Banking and Finance
  • Business Data Analytics
  • Chemistry and Mathematics
  • Economics and Mathematics
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Operational Research and Statistics
  • Mathematics with Management
  • Mathematics, Statistics and Financial Economics
  • Theoretical Physics with Mathematics

What career could I progress to?

Possibilities are endless as the variety of Mathematics degree courses available can lead you to a multitude of career pathways!


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