Taipei Municipal Jingmei Girls High School

Taipei City, Taiwan

Qualification offered:

International Foundation Year

Taipei Municipal Jingmei Girls High School

Founded on May 16, 1962, Taipei Jingmei Girls High School has a scenic campus surrounded by mountains and rivers. In 1994, Jingmei became the first senior high school in Taiwan to launch second foreign language classes. More recently, building further on the foundation, Jingmei has promoted international education, and currently, it is engaged in various international exchange events in collaboration with many international sister schools, building a great reputation.


In recent years, the teachers and students have worked hard together, and the school’s performance has been widely recognized. The faculty members’ research capacity continues to improve and has won First Place in Group Competition of the Taipei City Education Professional Innovation and Action Research in consecutive five years. As for the students, regardless of academic performance, extracurricular activities, service-learning, research publication, or arts and sports, they have attained brilliant achievements and been recognized by all sectors.

For 58 years, woven by its rich cultural fabrics and wonderful natural environment, Jingmei has nurtured “Jingmei Girls” who have greatly contributed to the developments of the country, society, and industry. We look forward to new generation students of Jingmei to sustain the glorious traditions and pass down wonderful values to the future of Jingmei!

The heart of Jingmei Girls High School is the relationship between inspiring, caring teachers and multi-talented, motivated students. Together we create the opportunities to participate, perform, and prosper. In the rigorous and challenging curriculum students nurture respect, confidence, and competence, which prepares them for success anywhere in the world.

Ms. Yun-Chin Huang, Principal

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