TM College

Jakarta, Indonesia

Qualification offered:

International Year One

Accounting & Finance

Business Management

TM College

TM College is an NCUK Study Centre located in Jakarta, Indonesia, offering the NCUK International Year One (IYOne) in Business. As an educational institution, our goal is to develop holistic individuals who will be ready not only for their university journey in an international environment, but also to be a change-maker in life after graduation.

Our education philosophy is summarized in our 3 E’s approach (Embrace, Engage, Enrich). We embrace the heart of individuals, nurturing their given talents. We engage and inspire the minds of our learners to pursue academic excellence so they can become fulfilled individuals. Finally, we enrich the lives of those in our community by nurturing their characters.


We are excited for the opportunity to promote open-mindedness in this era of globalization, where learning transcends conventional classrooms; being able to experience new cultures, meet people from various countries, and engage in diverse communities, be it in Indonesia, the UK, or any other country NCUK currently operates in. We welcome everyone to be part of our journey, so do give us a call, send us an email, or come visit our campus when you are in town!

TM College was established with the idea that learning does not stop at the academics, but also the development of character. We love seeing students finding their passion as they become involved in the community or engage in a collaborative project. Learning has never been an individual task, so come be part of our journey and let’s nurture growth together!

Timothy Christopher, Head of Operations

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Address: Rukan Puri Niaga II, Puri Kencana J1 / 3Y, Jakarta Barat, Indonesia, 11610
Phone: (6221) 580-7199

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