Alumni Success: From Pakistan to Manchester

Danial’s journey from Pakistan to Manchester with NCUK

  • Danial Haider Tabassum
  • From Pakistan
  • Completed NCUK International Foundation Year and International Year One
  • Progressed to The University of Manchester, BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronics Engineering with Industrial Experience
  • Working at Network Rail, UK
Why did you choose to study with NCUK?
After the completion of my intermediate studies or A-levels, I started looking for different university options locally as well as abroad. Whilst doing my research, I found NCUK via internet search, and looked upon its structure, pathway and basically what the programme is all about. It looked interesting and therefore I explored it a bit more, such that ultimately deciding to pick it up as it aligned with my long-term plans for higher studies. I first came in for NCUK International Foundation Year and my experience was brilliant and therefore decided to do another year, the International Year One. Additional to this was to save up some costs and spend a bit of more time closer to home.
How has your NCUK experience helped you to get to where you are today?

I decided to study with NCUK delivered by Riphah International University Islamabad campus, and as a whole it was an enriching experience. For the ones who want to secure a UK degree qualification, I think this pathway is very well structured with good amount of support and resources available for anyone who wants to learn and develop themselves before coming to the UK. The support I received from the faculty teachers, mentors, my fellow colleagues and every individual who has been a part of this journey has been thoroughly amazing and I am indebted to all for their efforts.

Following this, I progressed onto my first choice university – the University of Manchester, to pursue Electrical & Electronics Engineering degree which altogether was a great experience for my higher studies.

Fair to say whatever I am today, a big part of that comes from my home university Riphah, NCUK team and its fraternity whom I highly respect and regard.

What are your goals for the future?

My experience at the University of Manchester was a really good one for my higher studies. It presented me with multiple opportunities it could offer, abundant resources, study groups, and some good challenges to further enhance one’s learning. In the School of Engineering, our group won the annual Robotic buggy project out of 240+ students, and for which we were presented with the official award at the University conference from the Dean and Head of Department. I also did one year placement with Network Rail, British Railways as an Assistant Engineer looking after the Lancs. & Cumbrian region for Electrification and Plant discipline. Alongside my studies, throughout my time I participated in a lot of different extra-curricular activities which highly polished my professional communication, interpersonal and networking skills.



I am currently working as an Electrical Electronics Engineer in the UK Rail Engineering Sector, living in Manchester with a lot of travelling up and down the country. Overall, a really good learning experience, feels good to know that whatever work we do impacts positively on the engineering infrastructure assets and ultimately people’s lives and the economy.

My future aspiration is to further enhance my portfolio of skills, knowledge and develop other parts of my personality like continuing to develop my technical & softer skills. Moreover, explore further parts of the yet unexplored side of my personality to stretch, challenge and grow further.

Do you have any advice for future NCUK students?

Take all the opportunities that come your way, some may work, and some wouldn’t; but one finds their path within this journey. To all prospective students, work hard and try to develop all attributes of your personality, not just the technical aspects but also communication, presentation, and professional skills – all of these are essential for growth in the professional world.

And remember, the journey never stops – keep on learning and keep on developing yourself!

It’s a great opportunity – all comes down to what you make out of it. It gave me the right support and pathway and presented me with good opportunities which I’ve used to develop myself. Truly a life changing experience, definitely would recommend the NCUK journey to new aspiring students.

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