Five Advantages of Living in the UK

Posted: 14.09.2016
Author: Karen Abril Dominguez Montes

During my last academic year, I undertook a placement year where I could gain experience and develop my professional skills. I did my placement year in Mexico, where I could be close to my family and friends. When doing my placement in Mexico, I realised I missed some things about the UK that I had not realised when living there.

Here is a list of five advantages of studying abroad in the UK that will encourage you to enter the NCUK program or to keep your studies this next year.

Being independent

Living with your parents is comfortable in some aspects; however, it is time for you to become an independent individual. Living by your own will mean doing grocery shop, doing your own laundry, cleaning your room. Even though this all seem boring, there are great things too such as going out whenever you would like, having privacy in your room, inviting all the friends you want to your flat for party (but respecting others also), cooking your own food and innovating in your dishes.

Meeting new people

When studying abroad you will meet new and great people from all around the world. You will experience new cultures and learn about them. Even though it is sometimes hard as cultures might clash, it is always good to learn new things of them and experience more.

Easy travel within Europe

When you arrive to the UK you will find out travelling across Europe is really easy. Despite the Brexit, visas will still not be affected for two years, which will allow you to move freely if you are an European Union student. If not, you will still find it quite easy as Europe’s connection is very effective and cheap. Go to new places, meet new people, and travel as much as you can.

Improving your English skills

As an overseas student which does not have English as its mother language, studying in the UK will allow you to improve substantially your English. You will find out there are tons of different accents in the country and this will improve your skills. During my stay in the UK, I feel my English improved and I am eager to go back to keep developing it.

Getting a Degree from Leading Universities

When studying an NCUK program, you will find out that the University options offered are leading Universities in the UK. All these Universities are great choices for you to develop as an individual and to introduce you to the professional environment. Getting a degree from any of these Universities will grant you big opportunities in the future which you can include in your resume

All these advantages will allow you to grow as an individual. You will not regret the decision of studying in the UK and, as me, you will find out you will miss several things when everything is over.