NCUK CEO Welcomes the New President of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology


NCUK CEO, Professor Ken Gill, visited long-established NCUK delivery partner The Sino-British College at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology to welcome the new President of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST), President Ding Xiaodong.

President Ding Xiaodong was announced as the new President of USST in February 2018.

To mark the first meeting of NCUK CEO, Ken Gill and the President, Professor Ding Xiaodong, of the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST), an engraved silver salver was gifted at the Sino-British College in Shanghai in April.

Ken Gill and President Ding Xiaodong

We are delighted to be an enabler in the continued success of the collaborative partnership between the nine NCUK universities and USST. SBC has offered a myriad of opportunities to students to fulfill their aspirations to study both in China and overseas. We are grateful to the leadership provided to SBC by USST and look forward to continuing with the incumbent President, Professor Ding Xiaodong. On behalf of NCUK, the students, the universities and staff we’d like to recognise the collaborative efforts made possible by the management at USST, thank you.

Ken Gill, CEO of NCUK

Holding a Master’s Degree and PhD degree in Engineering, Professor Ding’s career began in 1983 where he held senior positions at China Textile University, moving on to further senior positions at Donghua University, USST, Shanghai University Of Engineering Science and has also served as Director and Director of Department of Higher Education of Shanghai Education Commission as well as Deputy Director of Shanghai Education Commission since November 2014. He has now taken up his role as President of USST.


SBC became a full licenced university college on 1st September 2006 following Chinese Ministry of Education (MoE) approval. It is the only Shanghai-based higher education institution to be awarded a licence to offer full degree programmes taught entirely in English to multiple overseas universities (so-called ‘1 to N Consortium model’).  In August 2016 the college was granted a second 10-year licence and a cooperation agreement for the continued operation of SBC was signed by all nine universities as well as USST. As such, it is unique in transnational higher education in terms of collaboration and longevity.



With continuing commitment of USST and the nine partner universities in the UK, SBC provides students with a multicultural learning environment, offering quality degree programmes across the whole spectrum in the areas of Business and Engineering. Since being established, SBC has received extensive recognition for the quality of teaching and student experience and for the strong employability of our graduates.

SBC’s vision is to be renowned as an international hub and centre of excellence, attracting students and faculty from all over the world with a reputation for developing socially responsible and innovative leaders capable of operating in different cultures. In 2016, SBC celebrated its first 10 years’ anniversary and with the continued support of all Chinese and UK partners, and the Chinese and British Governments, the next 10 years will be even more exciting with further successful and leading-edge developments, reinforcing the links not only between China and the UK but globally.

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