NCUK partners with KINGS International School


NCUK is delighted to announce its new partnership with KINGS International School located in Yangon, Myanmar. KINGS will be delivering the NCUK International Foundation Year from September 2022.

Staff at the institution

With 10+ years of experience, KINGS is committed to providing quality education and a supportive environment for students that will enable them to excel and grow. Staff work hard to effectively educate and prepare students so that they are ready for their future studies and careers and have a proven track record for success. With the addition of the NCUK International Foundation Year, local students have a fantastic opportunity to gain the education they need from KINGS before progressing to leading universities worldwide.

Students will begin studying the International Foundation Year qualification at this institution from September 2022 where they will be able to develop their academic and English language skills, readily preparing them for university. Successful completion of this qualification gives students guaranteed access to NCUK Universities in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada and more, a unique offering which will now reach more students in Myanmar.

We are excited to work with KINGS International School and wish them the best of luck as they join the NCUK Global Network and begin delivering the International Foundation Year later this year.

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