NCUK University Destinations Guide 2021-2022


We are pleased to announce that the latest version of our University Destinations Guide 2021-2022 is now available to all students and Delivery Partners worldwide.


Studying with NCUK gives international students the option to choose from thousands of degree courses at our universities in a wide range of subject areas.

This brand-new brochure aims to support students in their academic journeys, ensuring that they have access to all the information they need about degree courses, universities and popular study destinations.

Our global network includes over 45 universities across the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA, where many students completing an NCUK qualification progress every year.

Since 1987 we have proudly helped over 35,000 students gain access to their dream universities, where 80% of them have graduated with first-class or second-class degrees. If you would also like to be part of the next NCUK student cohort, contact us and our expert team will provide you with all the academic advice you need. Click here to start your journey today!

To download your own copy of the NCUK University Destinations Guide, click here.