Original NCUK Malaysian Alumni Attend Prize Awards Ceremony


In November 2017, the 3rd annual NCUK Partner Conference took place with over 50+ delegates travelling from NCUK Study Centres travelling from many international countries such as Peru, China, Thailand, Nigeria and many more! Centre delegates, NCUK alumni, university and NCUK staff all came together for the prestigious NCUK Prize Awards Ceremony on Wednesday 22nd November.

NCUK was honoured to have Alumni, Mohd Yuri Md Khalili and Juliana Mohamed, from one of the first cohorts of NCUK students taught in Shah Alam Malaysia in 1988, join us for the NCUK Prize Awards Ceremony.

Malaysian alumni

The NCUK experience has greatly impacted my life where it provided me a base for not only the necessary skills to start my career but also the networking that I managed to establish throughout my years of study here in the UK.

Mohd Yuri Md Khalili, NCUK Original Cohort

Mr Yuri and Juliana were thrilled to attend the ceremony and met with many of the Awards attendees. Both of them had prepared speeches for the room and gave insight on their journey on how NCUK began and how it had a hand in leading them to their current professions.

For many of us who were expecting to study in the UK right after our A-Levels, NCUK was quite unexpected but it turned out to be a blessing. NCUK provided us with an opportunity to continue our higher education here in UK. Education was not the only thing that we obtained from our days as a student here in the UK.

Mohd Yuri Md Khalili, NCUK Original Cohort


Mohd Yuri Md Khalili

Juliana Mohamed gave a passionate speech to NCUK Prize Winners which revolved around how students should take this opportunity at university to do as much as they can and meet as many people as possible, as it will ultimately help in their futures,

Although my own country is very much multicultural, I learned a lot about cultures from other parts of the world during my time at the University of Sheffield. It has helped me in my professional life in dealing with people from all over the world. So, my advice to you would be to go out. Mix around. Don’t limit your friends to those from your own country. The more we learn about each other, the sooner we realise that we aren’t all that different from one another.

Juliana Mohamed, NCUK Original Cohort

Juliana Mohamed
Mr Yuri and Juliana

After studying with NCUK, and at their UK universities, the two worked hard to reach their current professional positions. Mr Yuri is a lawyer by training and is currently with Cyberview Sdn Bhd as a General Manager. Cyberview is a government owned company mandated to spearhead the development of Cyberjaya, Malaysia’s very own Silicon Valley.

After completing her studies in the UK, Juliana Mohamed joined the Malaysian Judicial & Legal Service where she served as a magistrate as well as with the Attorney General’s Chambers. Juliana now practices as an Advocate & Solicitor and is a founding partner of her own legal firm JulianaRozita & Associates in Kuala Lumpur.

Mr Yuri is also the Vice President of the NCUK Alumni Malaysian Chapter with Juliana being a member of the committee.

I have to acknowledge and take this opportunity to thank Fairview for their support and assistance towards the establishment of the NCUK Alumni Malaysian chapter.

Mohd Yuri Md Khalili, NCUK Original Cohort

The NCUK Alumni Malaysian Chapter is holding their own 30th Anniversary Celebration in Malaysia in May 2018, endorsed by Fairview School.