UUKI and NCUK: Collaborative Discussion on Promoting UK Higher Education to International Students


Yesterday in London (23 August 2023), representatives from Universities UK International (UUKI) and NCUK came together to discuss the future of international students in the UK. Andy Howells, Assistant Director for External Affairs at UUKI, along with Ben Cunliffe (Head of Marketing) and Brad Johnson (Head of Progression) from NCUK, engaged in an enlightening conversation about the positive experiences of international students in the UK.

The conversation revolved around the importance of highlighting the achievements of international students studying in the UK, and how this can inspire future students. Both UUKI and NCUK have been making strides in promoting the UK as an appealing study abroad destination through their respective campaigns, #WeAreInternational and #OneBigWelcome. These campaigns aim to underscore the inclusive and welcoming nature of studying in the UK.

UUKI’s #WeAreInternational campaign celebrates the diverse and global community within UK universities. During the discussion, Andy Howells stressed the positive impact of international students on the academic and cultural landscape of UK universities and their local constituencies.

Simultaneously, NCUK’s #OneBigWelcome campaign focuses on creating a warm and supportive environment for international students from their first interaction with the UK higher education system. Ben Cunliffe and Brad Johnson shared insights on how the campaign uses real-life NCUK Student Ambassadors (now studying at NCUK University Partners) to highlight their experiences and encourage prospective students about the decision to study in the UK.

The discussion allowed for a meeting of minds between these two campaigns, paving the way for potential collaboration and shared goals. The participants explored ways to jointly promote the positive experiences of international students in the UK, thereby encouraging more students globally to consider the UK as their study abroad destination.

This collaborative discussion between UUKI and NCUK signals a refreshing approach towards promoting the UK and its universities to international students. By emphasizing the inclusivity and welcoming nature of UK universities, they hope to invite more international students to experience the quality education offered in the UK.

Stay tuned to the #WeAreInternational and #OneBigWelcome campaigns to see how their collaborative efforts continue to highlight the benefits of studying in the UK to international students worldwide.