Why Your Child Should Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be one of the most beneficial experiences of someone’s life. It provides them with the opportunity to meet new people, learn about new cultures, learn new languages and study abroad at some of the top universities in the world.


Enriching experiences

Creating networks and new friendships is an essential part of such a life changing experience. As well as meeting local people, your child will have the opportunity to meet many other students from different cultural backgrounds. Being in contact with different cultures is certainly one of the key facts to take into account. As well as making the most of the different teaching methods, your child will be having first-hand experience of what it is to live in a different culture. Such an enriching experience will develop into a better understanding of the world, a sense of empathy and curiosity for the unknown and an approach to work that will be very appreciated by potential employers.

Language skills

As much as foreign languages are taught in school, this cannot be compared to living abroad. The more students are in contact with a foreign language, the more likely they are to speak it fluently or significantly increase their ability to speak it. Choosing to study in English will provide your child with the highest standards of academic English at the same time as they get in touch with the local culture, gaining an understanding of the language that is not taught in high school or university.


Studying abroad will make your child more employable as companies worldwide regard these student profiles as highly interesting. However, studying internationally is not enough as the university’s prestige also plays a vital role, and that is the reason why NCUK has partnerships with some of the best universities in the world. Students graduating from international universities will, be  sought after by employers than those who don’t. Employers look out for students who can speak more than their native language and who show a great degree of independence and commitment to work that is developed during their time abroad.


Building independence

Living on their own and away from home could be difficult sometimes, but the challenges your child will overcome will make him or her more resilient as well as more independent. From organising their daily routine, cleaning, cooking or food shopping, there is a whole new set of tasks that your child is going to have to undertake on their own. They will be prepared to overcome any personal challenge, but also any career challenges.

Studying abroad is perhaps one of the most character building experiences that one can ever have. Having the opportunity to live such a privileged experience could be the single thing that changes your child’s life for the best.

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