An Experience That Lasts

Author: Edward

Summer, it is one of those periods in the year that almost every student looks forward to especially in the UK. With it marks the end of the academic year and a sense of freedom is in the air. All the excitement and hype behind such a time is almost palpable.

For those who plan, it makes for an exciting time as there are countless activities to take part in ranging from your typical music festivals which without a doubt make for an unreal experience if that is your scene. From day to even week-long festivals, there is a vast variety to choose from depending on your music taste. If your wallet allows for it, you are pretty much guaranteed to attend one almost every weekend and yes, some people do that!

Not everyone is into the music festival scene as at times it can get a bit much but there is plenty of things to do, including the opportunity to travel all around the UK and Europe as well as travelling to the likes of Spain for about £25!

Ultimately, not everyone uses summer as an opportunity to kick back and relax but rather seize the opportunity to make some money and line their pockets for the upcoming academic year. There comes the dreaded but much-appreciated summer job. I know, who would want to work during the summer when you have been doing that all year long, but sometimes you have to do the things that you don’t necessarily want to do to get what/where you want. Thus, getting a summer job is a necessity for some and as many organisations and businesses lose several employees during this period as the majority of students travel back home, vacancies pop up everywhere.

Ultimately, summer in the UK comes down to what you want it to be, it can be an unforgettable experience or simply a point in time where you put your head down and grind to get what you want. It is a time in the year when you get to do what you want and either have a good time or further enhance yourself personally, academically and professionally. One final note, some people spend their summer doing internships, which can be very beneficial to prepare for your career and there’s potential to receive payment!

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