Getting your social life at A1

Author: Idaresit

Let’s imagine you’ve finally made it to university, you’re happy and grateful. You’ve realised that now that you are at university the workload gets even more and you have deadlines almost every week. Then you ask yourself the big question of ‘How am I gonna have an adequate social life at university?’

Well if that’s you then continue reading to get the answer to that question.

The first thing you need to do is to plan. Allocate the time that you would use to study and work on school assignments and the time that you would use to engage in social activities. It will be beneficial to do this so you would be certain that your social life doesn’t interfere with your academics.

After planning the next thing you need to do is join a society. There are more than 200 societies in university that have different goals. You could join any society based on which one you find the most interesting. This will be a great way to meet individuals that have the same goal and interest as you.

Another thing you can do to boost your social life is to invite friends over for coffee. Going on a coffee date is always a great way to catch up with your friends in a very calm and serene environment.

I know some of us may not be fans of coffee (just like me!) so I would suggest hosting a dinner party. This is an amazing way to have fun with your friends while you’re at university. This does not have to be large, you could just invite four or five of your friends over to a nice restaurant and voila you will have an excellent time.

I hope after reading these tips you will have a significant boost in your social life!


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