Things to do in Canterbury

Author: Idaresit

I study at the University of Kent which is located in a beautiful city called Canterbury.

Canterbury is well known for being such a historic and green city filled with a lot of antique buildings and gardens. There are plenty of fun things to do in Canterbury which will make your stay in this city such a pleasant experience.

Below are a few examples of places that you should visit and things that you should do when you come to Canterbury:

  1. Visit the Marlowe Theatre: This theatre was opened before World War I and since then it has been a home to a variety of entertainment such as comedy, drama and music. It has a charming interior design that is so alluring to the eyes.
  2. Partake in the Canterbury Historic Visitor Tour: Have you really visited a city if you didn’t take a city tour? This tour gives tourists the opportunity to explore the astonishing views that the city can provide, through boat trips which are relaxing and exciting at the same time.
  3. Visit the Canterbury Cathedral: This place is commonly known as a welcoming environment that comprises of elegance and holiness. The views from this grand building are also admirable as it shows you wonderful parts of the city of Canterbury.
  4. Stop by the Canterbury Norman Castle: We all want to feel like kings and queens at some point in our life, so not going to the Canterbury Norman Castle would be such a loss. As this is one of Britain’s most ancient castles, it offers an unimaginable rich history. It is surrounded by a quiet garden so it is the best place to go to retire from the busy city life.

I hope you have an amazing time if you ever find yourself in the city of Canterbury, don’t forget to explore and live your life to the fullest!


If you would like to study in Canterbury, NCUK students can progress to the University of Kent. Click here to find out more.