To new beginnings!

Author: Angela

It was only two years ago when I left home and moved to the UK to start a new chapter in my life; University! I left my family behind, my close friends, my cat and basically almost everything that felt familiar to me and I can’t lie, I was absolutely scared and anxious! You’re probably like me, moving to a new country for the first time. Away from your family and friends. Starting a whole new chapter in life! I can tell you one thing; there’s more to be excited about than to be scared of!

The amount of time I spent wondering …. Will I make any friends? Will I like the food? Will I like my flatmates? Will I even understand the currency? Will I struggle with the accents? Will I figure out my way around the city? I just wish someone shook me and said ’Mate! You don’t know it yet but it’s a whole adventure waiting for you out there! Feel excited! Feel very excited!’ As much as the idea of moving to a new country on your own can be frightening, there’s something almost electrifying about experiencing a new place for the first time! Remember the first time you tried out your favourite food? Or the first time you played your favourite sport? Well buckle up! You’ll go through a whole series of firsts!

And even though you may not like some things, it’s a great way to discover yourself – after all, isn’t everything a learning experience? Can’t wait for you guys to get here and experience it all for yourselves. Maybe even share some of your adventures with me? Good luck guys!


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