Study Abroad Qualifications and The Sino-British College


Flexible Study Options: Start Locally and Move to the UK or Complete Your Degree In-Centre

For many, studying abroad is a great way to gain excellent, internationally recognised qualifications and find the pathway to career success. There’s a vast choice of places you can start that journey – and one of the best is The Sino-British College (SBC). 

Established in 2006, SBC is an international university college offering a truly global educational experience. It works in partnership with the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) and nine NCUK University Partners, to provide an enhanced academic journey for students in a number of ways.

SBC gives you a great deal of flexibility in choosing your educational pathway. After completing NCUK’s International Foundation Year or International Year One qualifications, you can opt to complete your final two years of study in the UK taking advantage of the vibrant British academic environment. Alternatively, you can stay in Shanghai and complete your degree without leaving China – giving you the chance to tailor your education to match your preferences, interests, and career goals.

The Advantages of Diverse Course Delivery

To give students a global perspective and prepare them for success in an interconnected world, SBC uses a diverse course delivery system. Courses are not only taught by SBC’s highly-qualified faculty but also by visiting professors from NCUK University Partners. This blend of expertise means you can be sure of a well-rounded education combining the best of both Chinese and British teaching styles. 

The Unique Option of a Dual Degree

One of the advantages of studying at SBC is the opportunity to earn dual degrees. Once you’ve completed your course, you can be awarded a degree from the University in the UK as well as the prestigious University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. Having a dual degree not only enhances your academic credentials but also opens doors to a wide range of international career opportunities.


Enjoy Life on a Thriving Campus

Life at SBC is about more than just academic excellence, with a vibrant campus on your doorstep. You have access to state-of-the-art facilities including modern classrooms, research laboratories and libraries, offering an ideal environment for learning and exploration. You’ll also find many organised cultural events, sports activities and student clubs giving SBC a real sense of community and giving you a richer college experience.

Find Out More About the SBC 

Starting your higher education journey at The Sino-British College opens doors to a world of possibilities, with a comprehensive international education whether you choose to study in the UK or Shanghai. You can find out more about the SBC and how to apply here