10 Reasons to Study at University in 2024


Thinking about what the new academic year will bring? Whilst you are getting ready to start your course, NCUK’s Student Support team has put together some information that explains why studying at university in 2024 is a perfect choice.

  1. Your place at your chosen university is guaranteed. As an NCUK student, you gain guaranteed access to University after successfully completing your NCUK qualification.
  2. Safe study and learning options. NCUK University Partners prioritise providing top-notch education by offering a high-quality learning experience with personalised attention and opportunities for interaction with peers and academics.
  3. Start to build your network. When you begin your studies you will take part in interactive group discussions and teamwork activities which allow you to connect with other students and build your network.
  4. Develop skills for life. You will develop a great range of learning skills that will reflect new and innovative ways of teaching and learning. From teamwork and communication skills to self-motivation and time management, you will be building the valuable skill set that employers seek worldwide.
  5. Access to high quality teaching and learning. NCUK universities are working hard to ensure the student experience is of a high-quality level and making sure each individual student is thoroughly supported in their journey.
  6. Investing in your future. By going to university you are developing your skills and experiences increasing your employability.
  7. Access to University Support Services. All NCUK University Partners are in countries that have world-class health systems, so you and your families can be assured that your health and wellbeing are in good hands.
  8. Advance your knowledge. Study what you love and what you are really interested in. All NCUK University Partners have degrees that are recognised around the world, and therefore, their quality and reputation are guaranteed.
  9. No need to delay your studies. Your career progression and earning potential begins as soon as you graduate, so the earlier you start your studies, the quicker you will be able to advance your career and increase your salary.
  10. Get an internationally recognised qualification – all NCUK University Partners are recognised and respected by employers and academics throughout the world.

Any questions about studying abroad? Click here to speak to NCUK Student Ambassadors and find out all about what it is like to be an international student.