Karen’s Inspiring Educational Journey: The Benefits of Studying Abroad with NCUK


An Inspiring Educational Journey

Studying abroad is about so much more than just gaining a good qualification – it’s about embarking on a remarkable journey that can transform your life, exploring new horizons, excelling in your chosen field and enjoying the international experience. And as international student Karen found, you can achieve it all with NCUK.

Karen’s Global Journey: From Mexico to China, and then to the UK

Hailing from Mexico, Karen began her NCUK adventure by undertaking the International Foundation Year and International Year One qualifications in China, which she passed with flying colours. These provided her with a solid foundation and gave her with the necessary skills to succeed in higher education.

From there, Karen progressed to Manchester Metropolitan University to study a BA (Hons) degree in International Business Management. The university’s exceptional faculty and world-class facilities helped Karen thrive academically; she was also able to fully embrace Manchester’s diverse culture and the city’s cosmopolitan appeal.

Manchester city centre tram stop

How the Best Study Abroad Qualifications Worked for Karen

Karen proudly graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University In 2017, armed with a comprehensive understanding of international business practices and a global network of friends and professionals. Looking back, she says: “My time in Manchester was invaluable. It not only gave me a deeper knowledge but also nurtured my personal growth – it has helped me feel confident to take on the challenges of the real world”.

Karen has used the skills and knowledge she acquired with NCUK and Manchester Metropolitan University at Imalinx, a prominent organization in Cuernavaca, Mexico. She’s making a significant impact in the world of business management, and her success stands as a testament to the exceptional education and opportunities provided by NCUK. Since working at Imalinx, Karen has decided to pursue another passion, to become a data analyst and has since obtained a qualification that will allow her to change her career. 

NCUK’s International Network 

As Karen found, the unique advantages of studying with NCUK allow students to gain access to a truly global educational experience. With over 120 Study Centres spanning 35 countries, NCUK offers a vast array of options for students looking for a quality education that transcends borders.

Whether it’s the International Foundation Year, International Year One or one of the many other qualifications, studying with NCUK is just the start of your transformative journey, broadening your horizons and preparing you for a successful future. NCUK’s international network also gives students like Karen the opportunity to connect with a diverse community of learners, so you can expand your cultural understanding and forge lifelong friendships. 

Start Your Own Success Story

Karen’s story is just one of many that can act as an inspiration to aspiring students worldwide. It shows the real value of comprehensive international education – and that the possibilities are simply endless with the best study abroad programs. Find out more about NCUK Study Centres here – because with NCUK, the world truly becomes your classroom.