The cosmopolitan city of Adelaide is the capital of the estate of South Australia and also the fifth most populated city in the country. From fine wine, multicultural cuisine, chic boutiques to long beach fronts, Adelaide is a destination to suit every taste.

Places to visit

Visit Adelaide Himeji Garden if you are looking for a quieting activity. In this Japanese inspired garden you will be able to relax as you walk through the peaceful environment that the display of water, nature and rocks inspire. Go to Glenelg Beach if you want to visit one of the most popular beaches in Adelaide. Perfect for sunbathing or watching dolphins, Glenelg Beach is a key destination to enjoy the weekend in the Aussie style.

Glenelg Beach in South Australia

Adelaide offers many astounding places for practising sports and being in contact with nature. You will find that Mount Lofty is perfect if you like hiking or mountain biking and it is just 15km away from the city.

Music Festival

Social Events

Adelaide is home to renowned museums, being the Art Gallery of South Australia one of the most popular. Here you will find a wide display of expensive collections as well as the most authentic indigenous art. This is also the city of festivals, and you can find them running everywhere in the city throughout the whole year. From art, to music or food, this city is bursting with lots of different activities for every liking.

If you are looking for the best fresh food in the city, head down to the busy and popular Gouger Street. This is the place for foodies to go and its array of restaurants offers a wide range of cuisines including Italian, Malaysian, Chinese, Vietnamese and many more.


If you want to shop in the most traditional style you should go to Adelaide Central Market. Having a 150 years history and hosting 9 million visitors every year, this is the place to buy the best local produce. You will find a wide selection of cheese, different bakeries and cafes and eateries with the best offers.

Just off Rundle Mall, in the city centre of Adelaide, you will see the Adelaide Arcade. Have a browse through their 70 speciality stores and make sure you don’t miss any of the many famous chocolate shops!



Travelling in Adelaide couldn’t be easier. You can take the tram, the bus or the train and of course walk or cycle as much as you like. If you go on the famous ‘Bay Tram’ from the city centre, you will be in Glenelg Beach in just 45 minutes.

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