About Keele

Located just 45 minutes away by train from Manchester and Birmingham, the quiet village of Keele offers the perfect balance between the vibrant university lifestyle and the peaceful and safe countryside life.

Places to visit

Founded in 1962, Keele Observatory is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the area.

With plenty of activities going on throughout the year, make sure that you regularly check what’s on, so you don’t miss the opportunity to do something different with your friends every week. If you want to discover the flora and fauna of Keele you have to head to the Arboretum. The University Arts Committee has endeavoured to keep as many different tree species as possible and the results couldn’t be better. The Arboretum is open all year round and can be reached by bus within working hours.

Social Events

If you love music, you are in the right place. Keele Concerts Society offers membership and lots of events and performances from great artists. You can also check all of Keele’s music events here.

If you want to meet people who share a passion for technology, you should definitely go to Make Keele, a digital ‘MakerSpace’ hosted by Keele University. Keep an eye on the student’s union database as there are always opportunities to become a volunteer and boost your CV.

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Keele has many wonderful cafes and independent restaurants as well as many supermarkets and shops to find all your supplies.

Creating new hobbies will also be an important part of your study abroad experience, so head to the Craft shops or the many bookshops to find the perfect activity for you.


With so many vibrant cities within reach from Keele, it is always a good idea to get a 16 to 25 Railcard so you can benefit from 1/3 off your train tickets. You will want to explore not just Staffordshire but the whole UK!

Bicycles and bus services are the most popular and affordable means of transport in Keele. Hire or buy a bicycle and make sure you always have your bus pass at hand.

Did you know…

You can progress from an NCUK qualification to study a degree in Keele? Keele University accepts students who have studied an NCUK qualification.

Start your journey with NCUK today and click the button below to apply now!