About London

London, the capital and largest city in the UK has a very modern element to the city with its cutting edge high street fashion, entertainment and culture. Even though London is such a busy industrial city it still has over 30% of open space including 140 parks, so you can sit and enjoy the city. The student population in London is about 380,000 students, including around 100,000 international students.

Places to visit

As the top tourist place in the UK, London has many places to visit, such as the London Eye. Whilst on this you can overlook many other famous landmarks such as Big Ben, Tower of London and the Thames.

The London Dungeons are not too far away from the London Eye, are well worth a visit if you like to be scared! It takes you through some historical events with the help of actors and state of the art special effects.

Wembley is a globally known stadium for large events including concerts and sporting events such as Premier League football finals. You can go for a tour around the extraordinary building or watch an event such as seeing your favourite singer/band or your favourite sport, maybe boxing?

Social Events

The nightlife in London is globally known for its fast paced party atmosphere.

This includes trendy bars and nightclubs to enjoy all night long with events held at many different places targeting many different people. Some events offer student discounts so you can have a great time at a cheaper price.

Not only does London have an amazing nightlife, but they also have many comedy shows, theatre productions and live events to see every day, adding to the world famous culture. The city is home to many popular events such as London Fashion Week where you can find out the latest fashion trends.


London is extremely diverse in regards to the food culture. The pubs, cafés, restaurants,stalls and markets express many different cultural foods for you to try .

One example would be in Chinatown, where you will find many different Chinese restaurants, and as an added bonus Chinese trinket shops too. From Michelin star restaurants to quirky cafés and fast food, London has something for everyone ‘s taste.


London offers a fantastic shopping experience. Oxford Street features over 300 shops with each one having distinctive shop front windows, especially Selfridges. Going to Oxford Street is an event in itself, even without buying anything! Covent Gardens is a unique shopping experience, as when walking through the elegant Piazza, you will come across many street performers. The area itself holds many high-end shops, markets and restaurants. You can also visit the famous Harrods store and the designer shops on Bond Street.


London is a very busy city so walking is usually one of the quickest means of transport. However, if you like cycling you can hire a bicycle from one of the 700 docking stations for 24 hours and the first hour is free.

There is also an underground train called the ‘Tube’ which is an easy mode of transport as they run every few minutes. The Tube is one of the most popular modes of transport in London.

Buses are cheaper than the Tube, but you have to have an Oyster Card to pay as they don’t accept cash but it does get you a discount on the Tube. For more information on the Oyster Card you can click on the link here. London is also home to Heathrow Airport, and you can catch the Heathrow Express from Paddington Station to the airport in just 15 minutes.

Did you know?

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