Monterey Bay, California

Located just a mile away from the Californian shores of Monterey Bay and just 2 hours away from San Francisco, the city of Seaside offers students the perfect balance between the tranquil beaches and opportunities for recreation and the vibrant university lifestyle

Places to visit

Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or just a quick day trip, go to Salinas Valley and learn all you need to know about the ‘Salad Bowl’ of California. From rock climbing to shopping or museum tours, this area on the south of San Francisco Bay offers recreational activities for every taste.

Visiting sea otters is just one of the many things you can do if you head down to the Old Fisherman’s Wharf. As one of the most popular places in the Monterey Peninsula, Old Fisherman’s Wharf has plenty of shopping facilities and restaurants as well as running many events throughout the year. Go whale watching, join a glass bottom boat tour or just observe the pelicans in this incredible bay in the heart of California.

Initially a military base where soldiers trained for some of the major conflicts of recent history, Fort Ord National Monument is now home to more than 86 miles of breathtaking landscapes ideal for hiking, running and cycling. This iconic landmark has also many options for campers and nature lovers interested in activities like photography or wildlife viewing.

Things to do

The fantastic weather almost all year round means that the opportunities to play golf in Seaside are many! With plenty of golf courses around the area, you might consider taking this as your new favourite sport. However, if you think this is not for you, don’t worry! It won’t take you long to find the right outdoors activity for you.

One of the many benefits of living in a coastal city is that you can do kayaking, scuba diving or surf with no need of travelling any further. Head to Monterey State Beach even if you are not the adventurous type and sunbathe and relax after a productive day of university lessons!

If you are looking forward to having lots of fun and you love a good – and scary – story, the Ghost Tour of Monterey Bay is a must! Be ready to find out all about The Fantastic Tales of Old Monterey and join your friends in a quest to discover all the intriguing, hidden treasures of California.


Alvarado Street in downtown Seaside is full of independent retailers catering for every taste. From gifts, sports gear and jewellery to the most fashionable clothes, this is the area to go whenever you feel like you need some fresh air and to take a break from the library.

If you are looking for the best food markets, there is plenty of choice in Monterey County. Not only you will be able to explore beautiful towns like Pacific Grove, Marina, Salinas or Soledad, but you will also find the best local produce to take back home with you and cook the most amazing meals.

Just next to Monterey Bay Park you will find Doubletree Mall, the perfect shopping centre for those who like to have all they need within reach where you will be able to find cafes, restaurants and some of the most popular shopping chains in the world.


Living in a small coastal town in California should already make it easier to walk to most places, but if you feel like you want to go any further, just take the bus, train or cycle anywhere you like.

With close links to cities like San Francisco or Sacramento, exploring the USA couldn’t be easier!

Did you know…

You can progress from an NCUK qualification to study a bachelor’s degree in Seaside? California State University, Monterey Bay accepts students who have studied an NCUK qualification, so start your journey with NCUK today!

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